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Cheat Codes PS One

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PS One Game Titles

Machine Head
Machine Hunter
Macross: Digital Mission VF-X
Mad Stalker
Madden NFL '97
Madden NFL '98
Madden NFL '99
Madden NFL 2000
Madden NFL 2001
Magic Carpet
Magic The Gathering: Battlemage
Magical Drop 3
Makeruna! Makendo 2
March Madness '98
March Madness '99
March Madness 2000
Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
Marvel vs. Capcom
Mass Destruction
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
Max Power Racing
Max Surfing 2000
Maximum Force
Mechwarrior 2
Medal Of Honor
Medal Of Honor: Underground
MediEvil 2
Megaman Legends
Megaman Legends 2
Megaman X4
Megaman X5
Megaman X6
Men In Black
Men In Black: Crashdown
Metal Fist
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid Integral
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions
Metal Slug
Metal Slug X
Metropolitan Highway Battle R
Michelin Rally Masters
Micro Machines V3
Micro Maniacs Racing
Mike Tyson Boxing
Mini 4WD Bros Eternal Wings
Minna No Golf 2
Mission: Impossible
Mitsumeti Knight
MLB '98
MLB '99
MLB 2000
MLB 2001
MLB 2002
MLB Pennant Race
Mobile Suit Gundam: Perfect One Year War
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
Monster Rancher
Monster Rancher 2
Monster Seed
Mortal Kombat 3
Mortal Kombat 4
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
Mortal Kombat: Special Forces
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Moto Racer
Moto Racer 2
Moto Racer: World Tour
Motor Toon Grand Prix
Motor Toon Grand Prix 2
MTB Dirt Cross
MTV Sports: Pure Ride
MTV Sports: Skateboarding
MTV Sports: Snowboarding
MTV Sports: T.J. Lavin's Ultimate BMX
Mummy, The
Muppet Monster Adventure
Muppet Race Mania

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Cheat Codes PS One